General Wellness

Advanced Diagnostics. Innovative Therapies. Precision Care.

Wellness is more than just the absence of illness.

It’s a dynamic balance of physical, mental, emotional, and social aspects of our life.
Our approach to wellness is not passive; it is a continuous journey of making mindful decisions
and taking deliberate actions towards a life that is not just longer, but richer in every sense.

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    1. Fatigue
    2. Brain Fog
    3. Joint Pain
    4. GastroIntestinal
    5. Weight Gain
    6. Chronic Illness

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    Our comprehensive assessments go beyond routine check ups. We employ an extensive array of traditional and specialty tests directed by the patients symptoms, health history and lifestyle goals. This precision approach ensures a personalized diagnosis and treatment plan.

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    Utilizing peptides, compounded adrenal therapies, bioidentical hormones, antibiotics and neutraceuticals, we effectively treat brain fog, thyroid, adrenal, and hormone imbalances, SIBO, and issues related to mold/metals and Lyme disease.

General Wellness

Wellness is a term often used, but rarely really understood. The absence of disease is not the presence of wellness, but it is a good start. To that end iHeal works to optimize health to allow for the best use of your time. Less time in transit. Less time in waiting. More time doing, more time living.
"The Greatest Wealth Is Health." Virgil...

Benefits of Partening with Us:

Wellness is more than just the absence of disease, it is the optimization of your personal health, mental, physical and emotional. It is the empowerment of your journey. Partnering with patients, iHeal strives to help each patient embrace the opportunities afforded them.

  • Pesronalized Healthcare

    Patients receive highly individualized treatment plans that consider their unique health profiles, symptoms, and lifestyles. This tailored approach ensures that each patient receives the most effective treatments for their specific needs, leading to better outcomes and a more satisfying healthcare experience.

  • Integrative and Innovative Treatments

    Our practice stands out for its use of both traditional and cutting-edge treatments, including the use of peptides, compounded medications, bioidentical hormones, and nutraceuticals. This integrative approach combines the best of conventional medicine with innovative therapies to address the root causes of conditions, not just the symptoms.

  • Expertise in a Wide Range of Conditions

    With specialties that include managing complex conditions such as Lyme disease, SIBO, dysbiosis, mold toxicity, and hormonal imbalances, patients have access to comprehensive care. This expertise ensures that even the most challenging health issues are addressed with knowledge and sensitivity.

  • Focus on Long-Term Wellness and Prevention

    Beyond treating immediate health concerns, iHeal emphasizes the importance of long-term wellness and disease prevention. Through lifestyle modifications, nutritional counseling, and preventative screenings, patients are guided towards healthier lifestyles. This proactive approach not only improves current health conditions but also aims to prevent future health issues, enhancing overall quality of life.